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From Andrew Purtell <>
Subject Re: Some discussion notes of weekly sync meeting (April/7/2016)
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2016 17:02:37 GMT
Thank you for this. Please do continue to send these out whenever you have offline meetings.

Please consider when a point of discussion or task could benefit from (potential) additional
input on dev@gearpump. Open discussions are an invitation to community and new participation.
Apache projects should conduct virtually all business on public mailing lists or the project
issue tracker.

When you do want a meeting for high bandwidth decisionmaking, please consider allowing remote
attendance from the public, and announce it in advance. 

> On Apr 6, 2016, at 11:17 PM, Sean Zhong <> wrote:
> Several committers gather around and had a discussion at April 7, here are
> the notes.
> *Time*: April 7. 2016
> *Attendants:*
> Huafeng, Manu, Sean, Weihua, Stanley.
> *Action Required:*
> 1. AR: Stanley, website, polding (Find out where to put podling site...)
> 2. AR: Tianlun: investigate the twitter group account (So that it allows
> multiple admins)
> 3. AR: Weihua: Improve the doc site, add java code for all scala samples.
> 4. AR: LOGO... (Those who are interested should submit a LOGO candidate..)
> 5. Code style fix (GEARPUMP-11), it need to cover:
>   1. scalastyle (sbt plugin, intellij plugin), (simple inspection, change
> "warning" to "error" level.)
>   2. code style standard (reference spark code style...) {Allow using ! ?,
> }
>   3. JavaDoc / ScalaDoc (fix Typo, ...) (Jlint..)
> 6. Issue list (Apache Migration milestone...) (issue should marked as
> "Apache Migration") ,
>   Should mark all Git issues ( that want to
> be fixed as Milestone "Apache MIgration".
>   **DEADLINE:**  4/8/2017!
>   !!!All issues that are not marked will be closed on Github issues!!!
>   After the deadline, all issues that has been marked will be ported to
> Apache Jira.
> 7. We are working on Apache Beam integration, updates:
>   1. AR: Tianlun, post the design doc to Apache Beam community.
>   2. AR: Post the Design Doc of Apache Beam support in Gearpump Jira
> (Tianlun)
>   3. Mark want to do engine-irrelevant ML library.
>   4. Suggested timeline (due: April 14th): finish first stage, the scope
> is:
> 1. Able to run Apache Beam streaming wordcount and other examples on
> Gearpump
>    Support (window support and transformations)
> 2. Not supporting (watermark, aggregators, sideInput...)
> 8. IoT demo show case (AR: Huafeng). We are preparing a IoT show case for
> Intel Developer Forum Booth.
>   1. initial step: Major Data flow and logic done.
>   2. Improve the demo so that it is easy for booth visitors to understand
> the demo
>   3. Prepare one-page deck to show the overall flow,
>   4. Need to make it clear to see the uniqueless of Gearpump & IoT.
> 9. About Apache poding report of April (AR: Sean), We have a draft, should
> post it to Apache.
> 10. Akka Stream discussion with Typesafe. (Working on Porting akkastream
> module to 2.4.2) (AR: Sean)
> 11. Open issues discussions:
>   1. Exactly-once calculate message wrongly (
> (PR ready)
>   2. Stanley: calculate latency between any two nodes in the Graph (AR:
> open a issue in JIRA..., expected delivery timeline: due day: April 14))
>   3. GEARPUMP-19: (Apache Beam integration blocker issues) (AR: Tianlun
> should do the investgation)
>   4. GEARPUMP-7, Master info not updated in UI when one master is down
> (AR: SeanZhong)
>   5. Prompt explicit error and friendly UI when all master are down (AR:
> Stanley...) (AR: Stanley, Open an issue and fix it...)
>   6. GEARPUMP-13: document to (How to make contributions, how to do vote,
> how to make release...)
>   7. GEARPUMP-20 "ClientContext has not loaded the default config" (AR:
> Tianlun)
>   8. GEARPUMP-4, Doc to how to test Gearpump, have some contribution
> externally, (AR: Sean)
> 12. SAMOA Gearpump integration PR. (AR: Tianlun, )

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