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From Sean Zhong <>
Subject Some discussion notes of weekly sync meeting (April/7/2016)
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2016 06:17:06 GMT
Several committers gather around and had a discussion at April 7, here are
the notes.

*Time*: April 7. 2016

Huafeng, Manu, Sean, Weihua, Stanley.

*Action Required:*
1. AR: Stanley, website, polding (Find out where to put podling site...)
2. AR: Tianlun: investigate the twitter group account (So that it allows
multiple admins)
3. AR: Weihua: Improve the doc site, add java code for all scala samples.
4. AR: LOGO... (Those who are interested should submit a LOGO candidate..)
5. Code style fix (GEARPUMP-11), it need to cover:
   1. scalastyle (sbt plugin, intellij plugin), (simple inspection, change
"warning" to "error" level.)
   2. code style standard (reference spark code style...) {Allow using ! ?,
   3. JavaDoc / ScalaDoc (fix Typo, ...) (Jlint..)
6. Issue list (Apache Migration milestone...) (issue should marked as
"Apache Migration") ,
   Should mark all Git issues ( that want to
be fixed as Milestone "Apache MIgration".
   **DEADLINE:**  4/8/2017!
   !!!All issues that are not marked will be closed on Github issues!!!
   After the deadline, all issues that has been marked will be ported to
Apache Jira.
7. We are working on Apache Beam integration, updates:
   1. AR: Tianlun, post the design doc to Apache Beam community.
   2. AR: Post the Design Doc of Apache Beam support in Gearpump Jira
   3. Mark want to do engine-irrelevant ML library.

   4. Suggested timeline (due: April 14th): finish first stage, the scope
 1. Able to run Apache Beam streaming wordcount and other examples on
    Support (window support and transformations)
 2. Not supporting (watermark, aggregators, sideInput...)
8. IoT demo show case (AR: Huafeng). We are preparing a IoT show case for
Intel Developer Forum Booth.
   1. initial step: Major Data flow and logic done.
   2. Improve the demo so that it is easy for booth visitors to understand
the demo
   3. Prepare one-page deck to show the overall flow,
   4. Need to make it clear to see the uniqueless of Gearpump & IoT.
9. About Apache poding report of April (AR: Sean), We have a draft, should
post it to Apache.
10. Akka Stream discussion with Typesafe. (Working on Porting akkastream
module to 2.4.2) (AR: Sean)
11. Open issues discussions:
   1. Exactly-once calculate message wrongly ( (PR ready)
   2. Stanley: calculate latency between any two nodes in the Graph (AR:
open a issue in JIRA..., expected delivery timeline: due day: April 14))
   3. GEARPUMP-19: (Apache Beam integration blocker issues) (AR: Tianlun
should do the investgation)
   4. GEARPUMP-7, Master info not updated in UI when one master is down
(AR: SeanZhong)
   5. Prompt explicit error and friendly UI when all master are down (AR:
Stanley...) (AR: Stanley, Open an issue and fix it...)
   6. GEARPUMP-13: document to (How to make contributions, how to do vote,
how to make release...)
   7. GEARPUMP-20 "ClientContext has not loaded the default config" (AR:
   8. GEARPUMP-4, Doc to how to test Gearpump, have some contribution
externally, (AR: Sean)
12. SAMOA Gearpump integration PR. (AR: Tianlun, )

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