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Subject [Apache Geronimo Wiki] New: Running
Date Wed, 28 Apr 2004 22:09:59 GMT
   Date: 2004-04-28T15:09:59
   Editor: <>
   Wiki: Apache Geronimo Wiki
   Page: Running

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New Page:

= Running The Server =

The Geronimo server is started using the executable jar file `bin/server.jar`.  Geronimo contains
several pre-built configurations:

    ||Config ID||Purpose||Parent Configuration||
    ||org/apache/geronimo/System||Critical services for all server configurations||-none-||
    ||org/apache/geronimo/Server||Normal server configuration||org/apache/geronimo/System||
    ||org/apache/geronimo/DebugConsole||Debug console web application||org/apache/geronimo/Server||

To run use the `server.jar` command:
$ cd target
$ java -jar bin/server.jar org/apache/geronimo/Server

The `server.jar` command starts the specified configuration and all parent configurations,
so the following command will start System, Server, and DebugConsole:
$ cd target
$ java -jar bin/server.jar org/apache/geronimo/DebugConsole

To stop the server use ctrl-C or an equivalent; a proper shutdown command will be made available
in a future release.

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