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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Geronimo Wiki] Update of "CORBA" by JacekLaskowski
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 22:57:03 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by JacekLaskowski:

The comment on the change is:

New page:
This page is about current state of CORBA affairs. Not much info yet, so please add some more
if you care.

= Status =

The thread about it started on the dev mailing list on 07/01.

Rick !McGuire wrote:

Currently, Geronimo is using the Sun 1.4.2 ORB, and the OpenORB code is going to be removed
very shortly.
Unfortunately, the Geronimo code wrapped around the Sun ORB directly references Sun internal
ORB classes (and in a couple cases, subclasses major ORB classes), so it is highly release
dependent.  For example, the current code won't compile cleanly on Sun's Java 5, or IBM's
1.4.2, because the underlying ORB code is completely different.

after Alan's and Aaron's responses, which are summarized below as possible solutions, Dain

If it comes down to fixing OpenORB or writing our own ORB, I think  writing our own will be
faster.  OpenORB is quite difficult to  understand and was written before many modern concepts
like IoC were  introduced.  The biggest problem this the current OpenORB codebase is  that
it doesn't properly implement IIOP so it cant talk to any other  ORBs (and it is difficult
to find the code to fix).  Anyway, I say we  stick with the sun orb until something better
comes along.

= Possible solutions =

 1. Write a different JVM-specific adaptor for each environment we wish to support (presents
an interesting build problem, because regardless of which JVM you used to build Geronimo,
at least one of the adaptors will fail to build because the required classes wouldn't be present)
 1. Try to find a means of implementing the current function using completely portable interceptor
code (is possible, but I'm guessing that we might still end up with some small piece of JVM-specific
 1. Fix and use OpenORB (we did not pursue because of time constraints)
 1. Implement Our Own ORB (we're not super-excited to start a project of that magnitude from
scratch - we do tend to favor the whole "incorporate best of breed project" approach! - but
I imagine it would be at least be considered if nothing else worked out)

= References =

 * [ The Community OpenORB Project]
 * [ CORBA Technology and the JavaTM 2 Platform,
Standard Edition]

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