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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Geronimo Wiki] Update of "Architecture/JSR-88" by AaronMulder
Date Sat, 02 Jul 2005 02:47:35 GMT
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The following page has been changed by AaronMulder:

  JSR-88 is a JCP specification that will be incorporated into J2EE 1.4.  It describes a standard
way for deployment tools to configure J2EE applications for specific server products, and
then deploy the applications to the servers.  This way, a single IDE or deploy tool can support
all J2EE server products at once, rather than providing separate deployment descriptor editor
screens and deployment logic for every server product.
- For the specification and downloads, visit [[JSRLink(88)]].
+ For the specification and downloads, visit
  = JSR-88 Architecture =
@@ -15, +15 @@

  The JSR-88 architecture and the Geronimo implementation of it look like this (note this
is a bit of an abstraction):
- [[HTML(<img src="*checkout*/incubator-geronimo/xdocs/images/jsr88-arch.png?rev=1.1"
+ attachment:jsr88-arch.png
   * The user interacts with a deployment tool.  That deployment tool includes an implementation
of the JSR-88 '''Tool Provider''' API.
   * Part of the Tool Provider API implementation are '''DDBeans''', which are objects that
represent elements in the standard J2EE deployment descriptors.  For example, the EJB deployment
descriptor includes an element called "session" for each session bean, so there would be a
DDBean corresponding to each "session" element.  (This is a bit of an oversimplification.)
 DDBeans are not Java''''''Beans per se; if you want the "ejb-name" property of a "session"
DDBean, you have to ask it for the content of the relative "ejb-name" XPath, instead of calling
a "getEjbName" method or something like that.

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