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Subject [CONF] Apache Geronimo v2.2 > Configuring your development environment
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2009 08:34:00 GMT
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     <h2><a href="">Configuring
your development environment</a></h2>
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<p>This page describes various options to configure your development environment.</p>

<h1><a name="Configuringyourdevelopmentenvironment-Editingaserverconfiguration"></a>Editing
a server configuration</h1>

<p>In order to edit the configuration of a server, double click on server in the <em>Servers</em>
view to open the overview of the server as shown below.
<br clear="all" />
<br clear="all" />  <span class="error">Unable to render embedded object: File
(GEP_server.png) not found.</span><br clear="all" />
<br clear="all" /></p>
	<li><b>General Information</b><br/>
Edit the fields in this section to change the name of the server or to associate the Geronimo
Server with a different <em>Apache Geronimo v2.1 Runtime</em>,or to change the
hostname with which the Geronimo Server is associated.</li>
The default User ID is <b>system</b> with a password <b>manager</b>.
 If your server installation uses a different set of credentials, change these accordingly.
 These security credentials configured here are used to detect server status as well as deployment/undeployment
of applications. You may click <b>Manage Account</b> to administer users on the
server such as changing password of default user <tt>system</tt>, adding a new
user into <tt>admin</tt> group as well as delete an existing user.</li>
	<li><b>Test Environment</b><br/>
Select options in this section to change the default configurations for local test environment.
See <a href="/confluence/display/GMOxDOC22/Quick+Debugging+JSPs+of+your+application" title="Quick
Debugging JSPs of your application">Quick Debugging JSPs of your application</a>
for more information about the JSP redeployment option.</li>
All servers use the default publishing settings.  The server can be configured to not publish
automatically by selecting the <b>Never publish automatically</b> option. The
publishing interval (15 seconds) can be changed by providing a new <em>Publishing interval</em>.</li>
Edit the <em>Start</em> and <em>Stop</em> timeouts to change the time
limit for completing these operations.</li>
	<li><b>Publish Advanced</b><br/>
This field specifies the time limit for publishing.</li>
	<li><b>Port Configuration</b><br/>
The default HTTP and RMI ports are 8080 and 1099 respectively.  If your server installation
uses a different HTTP and/or RMI port, edit these values accordingly.  Altering the values
here does not change the corresponding ports in the associated Geronimo Server Runtime.</li>
	<li><b>Console Output</b><br/>
The default server console output log level is <b>INFO</b>.  If you want to enable
debug output to console, select <b>DEBUG</b>.</li>
	<li><b>Server Startup</b><br/>
The settings under this section control the ping thread that polls to the server to detect
the server status when the server is started from within eclipse. <em>Ping delay</em>
specifies the time the ping thread will wait before polling the server. <em>Ping interval</em>
controls the time between successive pings. <em>Maximum Pings</em> is the number
of times the ping thread will poll the server to detect a successful startup.  If the server
startup can not be confirmed, the ping thread will stop the server.<br/>
In case of a remote server, Ping interval controls the time between successive pings to update
the server status.</li>
	<li><b>Server VM Arguments</b><br/>
Any additional arguments to be passed on to the server VM can be specified here.</li>

<h1><a name="Configuringyourdevelopmentenvironment-OtherConfigurations"></a>Other
Configurations </h1>
	<li><a href="/confluence/display/GMOxDOC22/Assembling+a+server+using+GEP" title="Assembling
a server using GEP">Assembling a server using GEP</a></li>
	<li><a href="/confluence/display/GMOxDOC22/Using+Eclipse+XML+tools+in+Apache+Geronimo"
title="Using Eclipse XML tools in Apache Geronimo">Using Eclipse XML tools in Apache Geronimo</a></li>
	<li><a href="/confluence/display/GMOxDOC22/Configuring+Geronimo+Eclipse+Plugin+to+publish+Maven+Dependencies+as+Shared+Library"
title="Configuring Geronimo Eclipse Plugin to publish Maven Dependencies as Shared Library">Configuring
Geronimo Eclipse Plugin to publish Maven Dependencies as Shared Library</a></li>
	<li><a href="/confluence/display/GMOxDOC22/Configuring+Geronimo+Eclipse+Plugin+to+publish+POJO+projects+as+Shared+Libraries"
title="Configuring Geronimo Eclipse Plugin to publish POJO projects as Shared Libraries">Configuring
Geronimo Eclipse Plugin to publish POJO projects as Shared Libraries</a></li>

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