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From Avery Ching <>
Subject Please welcome our newest committer, Maja!
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2012 18:11:48 GMT
The Giraph PMC has voted to extend Maja Kabiljo an offer to be a Giraph 
committer and she has graciously accepted!.  Maja has been doing some 
amazing work in out-of-core messaging and improving aggregators.  Here 
are a list of some of her contributions.

   GIRAPH-327: Timesout values in BspServiceMaster.barrierOnWorkerList
   (majakabiljo via ereisman)

   GIRAPH-323: Check if requests are done before calling wait 
(majakabiljo via ereisman)

   GIRAPH-298: Reduce timeout for TestAutoCheckpoint. (majakabiljo via

   GIRAPH-317: Add subpackages to comm (Maja Kabiljo via ereisman)

   GIRAPH-313: Open Netty client and server on master. (majakabiljo via

   GIRAPH-303: Regression: cleanup phase happens earlier than it
   should. (majakabiljo via apresta)

   GIRAPH-296: TotalNumVertices and TotalNumEdges are not saved in
   checkpoint.  (majakabiljo via apresta)

   GIRAPH-297: Checkpointing on master is done one superstep later
   (majakabiljo via aching).

   GIRAPH-259: TestBspBasic.testBspPageRank is broken (majakabiljo via

   GIRAPH-287: Add option to limit the number of open requests.
   (Maja Kabiljo via jghoman)

   GIRAPH-45: Improve the way to keep outgoing messages (majakabiljo
   via aching).

   GIRAPH-266: Average aggregators don't calculate real average
   (majakabiljo via aching).

   GIRAPH-257: TestBspBasic.testBspMasterCompute is broken (majakabiljo
   via aching).

   GIRAPH-81: Create annotations on provided algorithms for cli
   (majakabiljo via aching).

In the spirit of your first commit, Maja, please take a look at .

Welcome Maja and happy Giraphing!

Avery Ching

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