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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject Picking up Giraph 1.1.0 release
Date Tue, 20 May 2014 16:26:47 GMT

with apologies for dropping the ball on 1.1.0
back in March/April I'd like to restart the
release activities in earnest.

First things first: if you have a JIRA that you'd
like to see in 1.1.0 that hasn't been marked with
1.1.0 as "Fix version" please reply to this thread
this week.

As it stands today, our official bug count for 1.1.0
is not bad at all:

Even better news is that *all* of the ones marked
for 1.1.0 have 'patch available'. There's stuff to
review and commit.

So here's what I'd propose we do for the rest of
this week: lets divvy up the load of reviewing of
committing the patches. If you guys don't mind,
I'd like to track this by having reviewers assign the
issues to themselves.

Here's the schedule:
    1. by 5/26 we would expect all the JIRAs tagged
     for 1.1.0 have committers assigned to them. Those
     JIRAs that stay unassigned get pushed out of 1.1.0

     2. by 6/2 those assigned to JIRAs make sure to
     either resolve their JIRAs or push them out of 1.1.0

     3. on 6/2 I cut a branch for 1.1.0 and we do the
     usual round of testing/etc for a few weeks culminating
     in actual release

Sounds good?

Roman (AKA reluctant RM for Giraph 1.1.0)

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