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From Renato Marroquín Mogrovejo <renatoj.marroq...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Gora–174 notes
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2013 17:15:09 GMT
Hi Alfonso,

These notes are great! Thanks for doing all this! Anyways, there is a
lot to talk about my friend, so I will get started.

" . . . Gora should be low invasive: data schema is created and stored
out of the backend so ideally you could access your data without Gora.
We will see that this is hard to achieve at some extent (like in
nested records or several types unions)."

You can access your data directly without using Gora e.g. your Nutch
data can be queried and retrieved by using HBase clients, Cassandra
clients, Hadoop, or anything. Is this what you meant?

About Nested records, oh man, your descriptions are really
interesting! (: and you are right about the possible approaches, would
you mind opening a JIRA issue to keep track of this? I mean for
complex nested data structures. Thanks!
So when you are talking about implementing this on HBase, are you
still talking about handling null-one-type-unions (GORA-174)? or are
you talking about the nested features described before?
About Cassandra issues, the cloning process you are describing is
problem that Roland was looking into, let's hope we can work that one
out soon. The way Gora-Cassandra serializes data is what you've
described in your first option, and I also think the second one is a
better option. Did you happen to see that email Lewis sent about
plugglable client architecture for Gora-Cassandra? the idea with this
would be to create these type of abstractions. Good to see we are all
in the same page (:
I will open different JIRA issues to track all these problems
separately in order to make smaller more digestible patches and start
committing them and getting 0.3 out!
Just one last question about GORA-174, do you remember that some tests
were not passing after applying the patch? Well after applying
GORA-174 + GORA-182 + GORA-206, there were not any under
gora-xxx/target/surefire-reports/, is this what is expected? Of course
after GORA-206 we've noticed that there are many other problems, but I
think we should start moving along.
Thanks again, and keep up with the great work!

Renato M.

2013/3/7 Roland <roland@rvh-gmbh.de>:
> Hi Alfonso,
> I've read over the part concerning cassandra.
> Have you seen GORA-211 and our discussion about cloning there?
> Can you explain a bit more what you're thinking about here:
> "Wrongly creates a new Persistent "by hand" instead using
> PersistentBase#clone()"
> I'm relativity sure that my last problem from NUTCH-1534 (the
> InvalidRequestException(why:column name must not be empty)) is located
> somewhere in the cloning code from gora-cassandra, but I can't find it right
> now.
> Thanks a lot for this write-up,
> Roland
> Am 06.03.2013 11:53, schrieb Alfonso Nishikawa:
>> Hello everybody,
>> I finally finished some important notes. I would like to have you reviewed
>> and commented :)
>> https://people.apache.org/~alfonsonishikawa/gora-174-notes.html
>> Thank you!
>> Regards,
>> Alfonso Nishikawa

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