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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Python Gump TODOs
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 15:25:27 GMT
> I finally managed to compare the results on LSD (of last Thursday?)
> with the ones of and they look more or less the same.

Thanks, I appreciate you doing this. Every pair of eyes (especially an
expert pair) helps.

Yup, don't know why it is 'last Thursday', I need to investigate that. I was
kinda hoping it was Leo using the box for other things, but we'll see.

> * Where is jakarta-commons?  commons-latka has a pre-req failure, no
>   TODO for this type of problem?

I figured that we ought not bug folks when their pre-requisites fail, since
they (possibly) can do nothing about it. So, unless the module or the
project fails directly I don't add it to the TODOs.

> * for the bigger modules the "traditional" listing of a single
>   red/yellow/white line per project is superior IMHO.  When you watch
>   Gump for a longer time day by day, you know which projects are
>   "supposed to fail" - like excalibur-lifecycle.  It's a lot harder
>   to ignore a red icon if you cannot immediately see that it is
>   "the usual suspect".

Nick keeps asking for this also, a list of the projects in build order. I'll
try to add it.

> * Navigation for a failed project is kind of cumbersome.  If you click
>   on the "red" icon for test-ant (the last one in the Ant line), you
>   have to scroll five pages to get to the build log - just to see that
>   you have to follow another link to get the full log.
>   I'd prefer to get the full log immediately for type "build failed"
>   errors.

Yup, Leo asked for this. I got 'closer' putting the tail into the project,
but I'll work on it some more.

> * The jakarta-slide results are inconsistent.  The TODO says "red",
>   the modules list says "orange".
> * jython builds fine on my box.

Last I looked .. this problem is because their dist directory doesn't exist
at time of building. There is an ant target to make it, but they don't have
that as a dependency of the gump'ed target. I've written to them (a week or
two ago) to tell them, but no response. Not sure my posting got past
moderator, I could try again ... but I was hoping to nag them instead.

BTW: This is what I worry about with rsynch, I fear rsynch is imperfect.



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