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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Gump build failures
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 16:16:14 GMT

> There seem to be a lot of Gump build failures at present, particularly in
> some of the commonly used modules, so a lot of builds (including JMeter)
> failing with "missing pre-requisite".

Are you looking here: (which is stale, from September
,and I need to figure out how to delete) or
(which is up to date)? [I need to get in and clean up that stale copy.]

Gump needs to start nagging (e-mails) again in order to get it
descriptors/builds healthy. The Gump team are working towards this. One
delay has been that we were hoping to install a Gump on apache hardware in
order to start nagging from there, but that may occur too late.

> Although the JMeter Gump project file lists various external dependencies,
> most of the jars that it needs for building are actually in its CVS, and
> these jars are alse included in binary releases.
> So can I change the JMeter Gump dependencies accordingly?
> Or would this cause problems for Gump and/or be against the "spirit" of
> Gump?

The Gump-like thing would be to bring dependencies into the fold, by
building them inside Gump, not trying to . Is this possible, or do these
projects not have open CVS access or ant builds? The ones already within
Gump we'll work (harder) to clean up again.

FWIIW: This ought be raised on Please let's
continue it there. if you don't mind.



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