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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject (on moof?)
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 17:15:04 GMT

I am working with Jakarta Gump ( and  for the
last couple of months it's primary output has been "down". Talk on the list
has been how to resolve this, and hence my message here.

The gump output in question (at
is generated (I am told) on Sam Ruby's local machine, and outputs
automatically uploaded. These automatic uploads started failing and Sam has
been unable to find time to resolve the problems. Further, Sam is less
involved in Jakarta Gump at the moment.

What we'd like to see if an Apache install of Gump that is accessible to all
gump committers [for maintenance], and is controlled by Apache. Reading, it was proposed that I ask you
if moof would be a good candidate for such an installation.

Each run, Gump downloads a copy of the latest code of many projects,
compiles these against each other, and produces documentation output. It
generates e-mails and an RSS feed to notify project owners of issues. Gump
is both a build and a test tool, it act as an early warning system for
divergences/issues and keeps code re-use fresh. [Note: Today Gump runs *do*
include non-apache code, e.g. junit, since apache code leverages this.]

Here is "wishlist" (in Linux speak, don't know anything about MacOS.) Please
note, I'm not familiar with how apache does things like this, nor am I much
of a sys admin, so this is my attempt to transfer requests.


-    A gump group with gump committers as members.
[I assume a single account it frowned on, but I don't know how to manage
things like cron via a group. I'd really like nothing to be under one
persons control only, but I guess apache admin's can fix cron as root if
needs be.]
-  SSH access to moof.


- /opt/gump [maybe /home/gump, it is a dynamic beastie] to install Gump [and
tools, e.g Forrest]. [du -s . = 64636.]
- /var/gump to checkout source code, and compile. [du -s . = 7229412.]
- /var/www/gump for WWW outputs [ du -s . = 385052.]
- Network: One time (or infrequent) CVS download, and then updates (the
changed portion) of the CVS dir [du -s  . = 2051832.] each run.
- CPU: Pretty intensive compilations for a number of hours [hard to quantify
sorry, I don't know moof.]

Note: It might be nice to keep a bit of history on the WWW site (Sam had a
nightly folder) but that is resources dependent.

-    Python 2.3.2
-    Java (or ability to install Java [maybe more than one JDK])
-    Ability to install XML Forrest. (

Network Environment:
-    An SMTP server (which allows outbound relaying). [Gump sends mail as if
from project owners.]
-    An IP/DNS alias '' (if that is ok for a non-top-level
project, otherwise whatever..)
-    An HTTP virtual server listening on the above DNS alias.
-    [Futures] Ability to write to directories (over the network?) that are
mirrored. [Gump produced repository output.]

I do not know if any of this is feasible/possible, but I'd appreciate your

Thanks in advance for your consideration/assistance.


Have you Gump'ed your code today?

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