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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: (on moof?)
Date Sat, 22 Nov 2003 02:22:53 GMT
Daniel Rall wrote:

>>> Generating an error would result in a test failing which would result 
>>> in emails sent to developers indicating that there is a bug which 
>>> needs to be addressed... in general, this is not the desired behavior.
>> Exactly. This is my concern as well, not security (we'll firewall port 
>> 8080 anyway... hosting servlets straight from a pure java servlet 
>> engine is foolish)
> Would configuring an additional aliased network interface be helpful 
> here?  For instance, bind any running Tomcat to a high port on the 
> public network interface (e.g. eth0), and provide an alias (e.g. eth0:0) 
> with a private IP address or the loopback interface for use by the test 
> cases.  Or do these tests cases always try and bind to port 8080 on all 
> interfaces?

The concern is that Gump doesn't control the tests, individual projects 
define their own tests.

- Sam Ruby

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