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From "BAZLEY, Sebastian" <>
Subject RE: Gump build failures
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 18:00:32 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Adam R. B. Jack []
> Sent: 21 November 2003 16:16
> To: Jakarta General List
> Cc: Gump code and data
> Subject: Re: Gump build failures
> > There seem to be a lot of Gump build failures at present, 
> particularly in
> > some of the commonly used modules, so a lot of builds 
> (including JMeter)
> are
> > failing with "missing pre-requisite".
> Are you looking here:
> (which is stale, 
> from September
> ,and I need to figure out how to delete) or 

Login to and try:
rm /www/

Just guessing...

> (which is up to date)? [I need to get in and clean up that 
> stale copy.]

No, I am looking at the Covalent and CooconDev builds.

> Gump needs to start nagging (e-mails) again in order to get it
> descriptors/builds healthy. The Gump team are working towards 
> this. One
> delay has been that we were hoping to install a Gump on 
> apache hardware in
> order to start nagging from there, but that may occur too late.


> > Although the JMeter Gump project file lists various 
> external dependencies,
> > most of the jars that it needs for building are actually in 
> its CVS, and
> > these jars are alse included in binary releases.
> >
> > So can I change the JMeter Gump dependencies accordingly?
> > Or would this cause problems for Gump and/or be against the 
> "spirit" of
> > Gump?
> The Gump-like thing would be to bring dependencies into the fold, by
> building them inside Gump, not trying to . Is this possible, 
> or do these
> projects not have open CVS access or ant builds? The ones 
> already within
> Gump we'll work (harder) to clean up again.


The projects are all within Gump already - i.e. they are within the fold.

However, like (some?/many?) other projects, JMeter has its own copies of the
external jar files in CVS in its lib directory. [This was set up before I
got involved.]

So if a developer downloads Jmeter from CVS, the build will use the jars
already in CVS, which is likely to be different from the ones Gump uses.

And when JMeter is packaged for release, the jars needed for run-time use
are included from the ones in CVS.

[[There are exceptions:
BeanShell and BSF are optional, and are not in CVS; they can be omitted at
build or run-time.
JMeter build.xml needs some minor edits to make this work properly with

As it stands, the nightly builds will use a different set of jars from the
release builds, which does not seem quite right to me.

Also, it we'd like to provide ready-to-run nightly builds.

These would need to include the run-time jars, and it would be useful to be
able to package these up into a single file for download.
This is easy enough using the existing build.xml, as it already creates the
packages from the jars in the lib directory. I don't know if it is possible
to package the external jars in this way - and the build.xml would have to
skip this step if it was not running under the appropriate Gump.

> FWIIW: This ought be raised on Please let's
> continue it there. if you don't mind.

OK, sorry.


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