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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject Re: fog factor
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2004 01:00:24 GMT
> Maybe it should, a boundary value is more comparable.

Sorry, I meant to type "bounded value" as in 0-1.

On this course they showed 30 of us fives line of text, and asked us to
count the number of Fs. Many folks found 3, and some found as many as 7. As
time went on more and more folks found the 7, as they noticed the Fs hidden
on the end in the simple words like 'of' that they mentally/unintentionally
skipped. I was one of the two who just couldn't make it out of the 3 box
even after everybody else had defected. I just can't see the words I type
compared with the words I think. Odd & a little frustrating/embarrasing...

Thankfully code gets strictly interpretteded... ;-)



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