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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: User id that runs Gump on moof (and LSD...)
Date Sat, 20 Mar 2004 15:35:45 GMT
> what we could also do is create a 'gump' user, and give multiple people
> the password. Alternatively, we don't give out the password, but add
> multiple people's keys to the authorized_keys file.

I've always frowned on shared user ids (assuming they were excuses for not
getting group permissions right) but that isn't the case here, we are
working around an SVN bug. [If the bug really does only have a life
expectancy of a few weeks, the rollout might take longer.]

As such +1 to this idea. So long as gump is a member of the gump group, that
we all have ids within, then it can be easily obsoleted once unecessary.

> I don't like the single point of failure we have now at all.

100% agreed.

Anybody know how to do a share cronjob any other way?

> I'm also supposed to be catching a train in five mins so I don't have
> time to change anything over there right now.

I agree, it'd be daft to do a quick transition without everybody around.
That said, what I am really hoping for is:

1) Grant folks access to live/working Gumps so they can do 'quick runs'
(like python gump/ xmlunit --debug --quick, to test properties,
2) Grant folks access to live/working Gumps to spread the knowledge, and get
more input/opinions on how to install this nicely.
3) Get documentation for the installs into the wiki, and that documentation
come from somebody unfamiliar with the config, so they explain it better.

I hope that we can still get these.



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