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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Gump Sync: was (Re: Avalon build (was Re: last night build on lsd))
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2004 16:00:49 GMT
> avalon/target is in .cvsignore and since we use rsync's -C switch
> doesn't ever get cleaned out when doing an rsync.

First, Stefan, thanks for being so dogged w/ this problem, I doubt many
could've look into as hard as it needed.

I do think we need our own rsync, but it is good to know of gotcha like this
prior to writing it.
Let's try to specify the functionality before too much code gets laid down,
or thinking gets thunk...

Do we need/want the .cvsignore functionality? Do we need/want similar for
SVN? Do we need a .gumpignore?

I suspect we wish to migrate a directory based off existence and timestamp,
but not contents (we ought rely upon timestamps, no?). I suspect we don't
have to care about anything fancy, as Antoine stated, such as moving between
volumes or following symbolic links.

What to do in case of failure? Just bail at time of issue, or ought we
attempt to unwind our changes [not likely]. We need to ensure that this
automated environment isn't left in a state that a human has to clean up, at
least -- unless we know it. Sync is likely to get hit with disk full, since
many of the other aspects of Gump are change in place. Sync is likely to get
hit with permission problems, and so forth. Error handling is a key aspect.

Ought we keep a track of all we do, so we can report upon that for users?
[We capture output of CVS/SVN which ought be the same, but it might be nice
for us to do similarly.]

I know this is at the same time a simple piece of functionality, but a
critical one. I believe experience has shown that the nastiest problems in
Gump are when the data gets out of sync with CVS/SVN, and we trusted it to
be in sync. Also, since we work in the target area, we really rely upon sync
to clean up each time. That is a heavy burden.

Ought we design this via the Wiki?



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