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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Wanna join "Gump" : Development
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2004 15:30:29 GMT
> Hi,

Hi Kicha

> I am interested to join in this development team.I
> checked the "outstanding TODOS " list and I am
> interested to invole in this team.Let me know if I
> could do something.Btw I do't know " Python".I am from
> J2EE/Java background.

The best way a newcomer can help us at this moment is to slowly become a
Gumpmeister [master of the metadata] by trying to figure out what is wrong
with certain projects (pick some) and seeing if you can determine the
metadata or code 'fix' for it. Then send a patch to whomever needs it. Do
this for a while and you'll get an understand and appreciation of Gump that
will server you well with other endeavours.

Installing a local Gump is another interesting challenge, if not a fun/easy
one. We need feedback on the issues with installing Gump on various
platforms, on various environments. If you are game (and very good at
feedback) you might wish to try this. This

Further, the Gump documentation needs more eye reviewing it, and a
'developer friendly' information section that allows newcomers (like
yourself) to get involved. We could use help there.

Personally, I'd try one/all of these before trying to work on the code
tasks. The background would serve you, and us, very well.

Thanks for your interest.



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