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From Leo Simons <>
Subject [RT] My personal roadmap for gump
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2004 20:56:59 GMT
Hi gang,

I think it'd be nice to know what everyone's up to. I know some of the 
plans of some people and guess at the plans of others, but I'm sure many 
people are unaware of each others plans...anyway, here's my rather vague 
roadmap, and some context for that. This'll be a non-edited rant.

I've got three projects I'm working on at the moment:

  * Jicarilla (java)
  * Gump (python)
  * Moin wiki @ apache (python)

I know a lot about java, a little about python and a little about ruby 
(which, I have to say, is my fav. language atm by far). I plan to learn 
more about scripting languages, and how to build big projects using 
them. Lately, I've reallly been interested in "glue". Jicarilla is 
mainly glue between components (and a fledgling webserver), gump is 
mainly glue between projects, wikis are mainly glue between communities 
that may not neccessarily be project-oriented.

The glue between system-level tools, shell languages, scripting 
languages and generic languages (ie java) is quite different from the 
glue between projects and communities, and especially their overlap 
interests me (how gluing projects together seems to work well using a 
"gluey" piece of software, and how "gluey" pieces of software have 
rather unique communities).

I don't make money from software nor do I plan to. I do this thing as a 
hobby, for the fun of it. I like talking, thinking, writing, and am 
somewhat addicted to bugfixing (no idea why I like it. Really don't).

I plan to explore gump in order to learn python, and to improve on my 
software-user-interaction design abilities (since gump interacts rather 
badly with some users, there's lots of oppurtunity here). I am 
interested in how a glue project as gump can gradually evolve into a 
platform for glue.

I plan to pour a lot of my ideas about collaborative distributed 
software development into or on top of gump. I see gump as about the 
most interesting (OSS community-wise) piece of software that exists, 
there's this vibe around here that I want to surf on.

I really have /no/ time for /any/ of this. I spend a lot of time 
studying physics, and I should be spending more. And I have a "real 
life" of course. So I'm likely to have ideas, write e-mails (did I say I 
like talking?), then getting started on something, and abandoning it 
halfway through completion. I am always hoping that people pick up on an 
idea and run with it. When that happens, I'm usually enticed to actually 
finish some things. Not because I like finishing things, but because I 
like happy people :D

This positive vibe, which I think gump has a lot of and will have a lot 
more of, is something I enjoyed tremendously when I joined the ranks of 
the ASF, but have been missing sometimes lately. I hope to bathe in it 
here :D

A little more concretely, I'd like to think a lot more about gump 
workflow (the role of continuous integration in distributed open source 
development, and what that role should/could evolve to), talk about it a 
lot, and then prove the ideas that rolll out. I'm currently reading the 
8-year-old Apple Mac user interface guidelines :D

While doing that, I'd like to explore the rest of the workflow in OSS 
development whilst working on gump itself. For example, I think some of 
the parts of the ASF that I've seen are too "closed" and "isolated" and 
I'd like to explore with gump some of the ideas on how that can be done 
differently. An experiment in an experiment if you will.

Yada yada yada. Could go on for a while, but I won't. Let's hear about 
you! :-D


- Leo Simons

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