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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject [GUMP][PATCH] this should make avalon compile in Gump
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2004 14:26:00 GMT

when I looked at the difference between the builds on LSD and those on I was simply searching for the wrong thing, sorry.
Whether framework/target/classes exists at the start of compilation or
not is completely irrelevant as there is never anything getting
compiled to that directory anyway.

The rsync command used by "traditional" Gump doesn't remove
directories that are listed in .cvsignore and thus compiled the tests
against some old classes that have been compiled before you
restructured your build system.  LSD either uses a different rsync
command line or simply has been set up aftre you've changed your

It turns out that none of the directories listed in <work> entries
actually gets used.  And the ones that are really needed are missing.

The appended patch should fix the problems and enable avalon's build
inside Gump on LSD.



--- cache/http___cvs.apache.org_viewcvs.cgi__checkout__avalon_buildsystem_gump-integration_project_avalon.xml.xml
Mon Mar  1 09:19:56 2004
+++ project/avalon.xml	Mon Mar  1 15:16:01 2004
@@ -12,8 +12,11 @@
         because we go from 1 to multiple jars. This is a copied
         descriptor. -->
+        <mkdir dir="framework/api/target/classes"/>
+        <mkdir dir="framework/api/target/test-classes"/>
+        <mkdir dir="framework/impl/target/classes"/>
+        <mkdir dir="framework/impl/target/test-classes"/>
-        <mkdir dir="framework/target/classes"/>
         <ant basedir="framework" target="dist">
             <property name="project.version" value="@@DATE@@"/>
@@ -26,14 +29,14 @@
         <depend project="jakarta-log4j" runtime="true"/>
         <depend project="avalon-logkit" runtime="true"/>
-        <work nested="framework/target/classes"/>
-        <work nested="framework/target/api-classes"/>
-        <work nested="framework/target/impl-classes"/>
-        <work nested="framework/target/test-classes"/>
+        <work nested="framework/api/target/classes"/>
+        <work nested="framework/api/target/test-classes"/>
+        <work nested="framework/impl/target/classes"/>
+        <work nested="framework/impl/target/test-classes"/>
         <home nested="framework"/>
         <jar id="combined" name="target/avalon-framework-@@DATE@@.jar"/>
-        <javadoc nested="framework/target/docs/apidocs"/>
+        <javadoc nested="framework/api/target/docs/apidocs"/>
         <nag from="Gump Integration Build &lt;;" to=""/>

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