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From "Jaroslaw Kowalski" <>
Subject Re: [nant-dev] Re: NAnt
Date Mon, 06 Sep 2004 20:51:56 GMT
The idea of mini-nant is to have a minimal set of working components that
are able to rebuild nant itself.
It DOES rebuild everything from scratch and is a recommended procedure for
rebuilding NAnt.

The mini-nant is recommended because the nant build process may require some
special tasks (like generating version information and embedding it in the
source files) which are best controlled in the nant script itself (see
create-common-assemblyinfo or documentation-related targets in
It's very likely that additional tasks will be added to nant bootstrap
process so maintaining them in a NAnt build script looks like a good idea.

BTW. I've been thinging about it for a while and the process of fully
rebuilding NAnt is quite complicated:

1. Download NAnt sources from CVS
2. Bootstrap NAnt using mini-nant and binary libraries found in CVS (bin/lib
3. From now on, use the bootstrapped NAnt
4. Download and rebuild the platform-neutral version of log4net.dll
5. Download and rebuild the platform-specific version of NUnit.*.dll
6. Download and rebuild the platform-specific version of NDoc.*.dll
7. Download and rebuild the ICSharpCode.SharpCvsLib.Console.dll referencing
the log4net.dll built in step 4
8. Download and rebuild the ICSharpCode.SharpZip.dll
9. Put the just-built DLLs in the appropriate nant/bin/lib subdirectory
11. Bootstrap NAnt again by using the previously built nant (not the
mini-nant) and the fresh libraries

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From: "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
To: "Clayton Harbour" <>; "Jaroslaw Kowalski"
<>; <>;
Sent: Monday, September 06, 2004 10:16 PM
Subject: Re: [nant-dev] Re: NAnt

> > I was talking with Adam the other day and he suggested that a batch/
> script that built NAnt > from source might be a little better than relying
> on the mini-NAnt.exe.  I believe ant uses
> > something similar to bootstrap itself so my understanding is that this
> fits in better with the gump
> > philosophy.
> And just for completion ... mainly, I just didn't get what bin/NAnt.exe
> or how it worked. I didn't understand it was for bootstrap. Still,
> from scratch each time does fit Gump's philosophy.
> regards
> Adam

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