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From "Gert Driesen" <>
Subject Re: [nant-dev] Gump using NAnt
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 19:39:01 GMT

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From: "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
To: "Apache Gump" <>; 
Sent: Wednesday, September 01, 2004 6:57 PM
Subject: [nant-dev] Gump using NAnt

>I am close (I think) to having a Python Gump that will run NAnt on 
> Unfortunately the two environments I have (1 -- Mono on Debian, on Brutus,
> 2 -- Mono on W2K) have two flaws (1 -- Mono crashes, 2 -- NAnt wants to 
> use
> CSC not MSC). As such, I'm not getting very far in testing.

1 -- Can you provide me the Mono bug number for the debian issue again ?
2 -- NAnt by default targets the runtime framework on which its running.

You can either :

- change the target framework to "mono-1.0", see for more information.


- run NAnt using the mono runtime. eg. :

$ mono NAnt.exe

> If I check in the NAnt work to Gump SVN (Trunk) and create a gump-n.xml
> profile (which lists some projects) is there anybody willing to help try 
> to
> run this? Anybody interested in help Gumpmeister the Gump metadata for 
> .Net
> project using NAnt? Basically that means identifying projects, their 
> repositories, and configuring how to work with them (and their resultant
> assemblies).

I'm definitely interested in helping you with this, but I'm very busy at the 

Ian, Jarek, Clayton : any of you have more time right now ?


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