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From "Clayton Harbour" <>
Subject RE: [nant-dev] NAnt and Gump -- getting closer...
Date Wed, 08 Sep 2004 06:56:02 GMT
> > Clayton was wondering if we could use <References inside NAnt, and 
> > Gump write a pre-defined include file [it does something 
> similar when 
> > it run Maven]. Does this idea have legs? Will it work for 
> compiles and 
> > tests?
> I don't think it would work for tests.  Can you specify the 
> path to nunit.core.dll at runtime for NAnt's <nunit> task - 
> or maybe before runtime, but to a value that may be different 
> every day?

Hi, sorry I am ringing in so late it has been a long day.  Adam I think
we were talking more or less about the include file that could be used
to override a path in a build file (i.e. a lib directory).  So the
referencing file/ build master file would look something like this:
	    <include buildfile="my.local.xml" failonerror="false"/>

		<csc target="exe" output="HelloWorld.exe" debug="true">
		        <!-- do not report warnings for missing XML
comments -->
		        <warning number="0519" />
		        <include name="**/*.cs" />
		    <resources dynamicprefix="true" prefix="HelloWorld">
		        <include name="**/*.resx" />
			  <include name="${lib.dir}/MyLibrary.dll"/>
		        <include name="System.dll" />
		        <include name="System.Data.dll" />

And then in your local copy of gump you would override lib.dir:
	<property name="lib.dir" value="/my/new/lib/dir"

Applying this to the file would give you the ability to point
at a different bin folder (pseudo build file):

<!-- in include file -->
	    <property name="lib.dir" value="/my/root/lib/dir"/>
	    <property name=""
value="${path::combine(lib.root,}" readonly="true"/>

<!-- and in this line would now point at your new lib root
	if the include was added to the build script
	    <property name="lib.framework.dir"
dynamic="true" />

It would not allow you to change the <nunit/> binary at runtime though
but you could recompile with a freshly built bin dependancy tree...which
would in effect allow you to run with a different version of nunit.

It is late so I hope that makes sense :-).



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