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From "Clayton Harbour" <>
Subject RE: [nant-dev] Re: NAnt
Date Mon, 06 Sep 2004 19:34:57 GMT
Hi Adam,

I managed to get a first cut at the bootstrap together.  I have only produced the Windows
batch file and just want you to take a look and make sure it is something you can use before
I work on the ?nix script.

There is a batch file attached (extension = .bad so hopefully it won't be stripped off) that
will compile a minimal NAnt and then build itself from that.  Just some notes on the setup:

    COMPILER_EXE: Full path to your compiler (these are defaulted to the default install locations
if not specified).

    LIB_REPOSITORY_DIR: Points to a directory with the contents of the bin directory, namely
(these will eventually be built if I understand correctly):





        NOTE: scvs.exe is not required to build NAnt

    NANT_CVS_DIR: Directory of the fresh NAnt checkout.

There are a couple of other parameters I am playing around with, namely FRAMEWORK_TYPE and
FRAMEWORK_VERSION.  I will probably add these when I can get mono to compile.  (Almost there,
I am getting an exception that makes me think it is grabbing the System.Web.dll from the ms
framework instead of the mono I might need to add a full path to that.)

Anyway, please take a look at the scripts and let me know if there are naming conventions
or anything else that should be sync'd up.

Also will the bootstrap sit in the gump repository or should it sit in the project (i.e. NAnt)



-----Original Message-----
From:	Adam R. B. Jack []
Sent:	Mon 9/6/2004 11:11 AM
Subject:	Re: [nant-dev] Re: NAnt
Stefan wrote:

> In Gump's case we probably can live with making sure that "our" version
> is used instead of the one in the GAC and DEVPATH seems to be a way to
> achieve that (I've only read the first paragraph of that article,
> though 8-).

Clayton Harbour and I chatted on this weekend, and
with Clayton's help we had a simple build of NAnt working (using an
installed NAnt on the %PATH%).

The Gump code ought attempt to generate an assemblies path, and as of a
moment ago attempts to pass it as DEVPATH. I've not entered sufficient
metadata to test this out, but hopefully we can add a log4net or similar to
see soon enough.

BTW: I made three quick tweaks to the Gump metadata. I'll document them once
we settle on them.

1) A project can have an attribute of language="csharp" (and this is needed
to generate lib path).

2) The workspace can have <dotnet framework="mono-1.0.1" /> to set the
framework (passed to NAnt, must be a recently nightly, using -t:).

3) <jar ( ought be able to
be replaced by <output or <assembly now.

Theoretically (once we add more metadata) one ought be able to be in the
Gump SVN root and do: -w metadata/gump-n.xml log4net  (with or without --debug)

to see things working.



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