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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: [nant-dev] NAnt and Gump -- getting closer...
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2004 15:49:22 GMT

> > BTW: Ought we attempt to contribute metadata for the mini-nant up to
> > nant projects (including log4net, etc.) and see if we can get that
> > working from within Gump? I think that makes a good first goal.
> I don't understand that, sorry.  Are you asking whether we should try
> log4net first once we manage to use NAnt from within Gump?  Yes, it
> looks like a good candidate.  As would NUnit.

When working with Clayton on Saturday we had NAnt being called by Gump (on
it's own source), but that was a simple invocation (with NAnt expected to be
on the path). The work for calculating a DEVPATH is in there, but untested
in that simple scenario. Take a peek at gump-n.xml (workspace and profile)
for this.

Above I was discussing trying to set up the mini-nant (ala bootstrap-ant) to
nant (ala ant) metadata, i.e. all the projects that are in this work list
that Jaraslow (aka Jarek) wrote:

Jarek wrote:

 BTW. I've been thinking about it for a while and the process of fully
rebuilding NAnt is quite complicated:

1. Download NAnt sources from CVS
2. Bootstrap NAnt using mini-nant and binary libraries found in CVS (bin/lib
3. From now on, use the bootstrapped NAnt
4. Download and rebuild the platform-neutral version of log4net.dll
5. Download and rebuild the platform-specific version of NUnit.*.dll
6. Download and rebuild the platform-specific version of NDoc.*.dll
7. Download and rebuild the ICSharpCode.SharpCvsLib.Console.dll referencing
the log4net.dll built in step 4
8. Download and rebuild the ICSharpCode.SharpZip.dll
9. Put the just-built DLLs in the appropriate nant/bin/lib subdirectory
11. Bootstrap NAnt again by using the previously built nant (not the
mini-nant) and the fresh libraries


If we can square away this set of projects, and get this behaviour correct,
and then (for projects that depends upon project=="nant") use the output
from 11, then I feel we've achieved a good enough/tested enough base.



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