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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Excalibur project FOG=-100
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2004 11:44:23 GMT

I have seen that the Excalibur project bluntly consider Gump an "annoyance", 
and pragmatically killed all the hard effort that I and Stefan put into get 
Excalibur sources in order earlier this year.

Apparently the Excalibur community has no respect for the Gump principle, and 
not willing to participate like most other ASF projects. When changes to the 
Excalibur codebase has been made, no consideration has been taken to look at 
the consequences and remedies for Gump and dependent projects.

Not only do I find this to be "bad attitude", but also a sign of "no respect" 
to people who have put in a lot of effort to get that particular codebase to 
become a Friend of Gump. 

Is it really too much to ask, Can you please manage to maintain build 
compatibility and fix breaks that are introduced??

Apparently it is, since all the notifications has been turned off and more and 
more Excalibur projects no longer builds. It will only be a matter of time 
before Excalibur is back into its former terrible state, and we are back to 
<30% build ratio... This is very sad!!!

I am considering reverting the excalibur projects in Gump back to the Avalon 
version until the Excalibur community smartens up in respect to Gump. At 
least the Avalon-excalibur codebase is build operational, except for some 
alt-rmi stuff, which I perhaps can get working anyway.


P.S. Really needed to get this off my chest, since there seems to be certain 
levels of hippocracy floating around...

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