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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Hello Gump
Date Fri, 03 Dec 2004 23:58:33 GMT

> I need help with the Kaffe gump's stuck in xml-xerces

I'm somewhat out of my area here, but (and stating the hopefully obvious) it
looks like a bunch of warning, and four import errors that go on to cause
the rest:

[xjavac]     44. import org.apache.xml.resolver.Catalog;
   [xjavac]                ^-----------------------------^
   [xjavac] *** Semantic Error: The import "org/apache/xml/resolver/Catalog"
is not valid, since it does not name a type in a package.

I believe this is Kaffe's version of "Not Found" (although I couldn't find,
via Google, that documented).

I can't seem to find them either, not in this source tree, only the
reference to them.

[gump@brutus] ~/workspaces2/kaffe/workspace/xml-xerces2 $ find  .  -name
'*.java' -exec grep org.apache.xml.resolver {} \; -print
import org.apache.xml.resolver.Catalog;
import org.apache.xml.resolver.CatalogManager;
import org.apache.xml.resolver.readers.OASISXMLCatalogReader;
import org.apache.xml.resolver.readers.SAXCatalogReader;


Where are they meant to come from?



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