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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Gump and APR
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 21:59:57 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> Right now I think we need two things:
> * a way to allow Gump to invoke make
>   This I'll try to work on.  Given my close-to-non-existant Python skills
>   and that you declared you'd be at the same level a while back, there
>   probably isn't much of handholding I could offer.  The blind leading
>   the one-eyed or so.

We also need a way to run ./configure, and possibly other scripts like 

> * A way to tell the httpd where to look for APR
>   This is where I could use your help.  I think we'll need some
>   <configure> builder that we can tell where to look for APR's header
>   files and the library itself.  Probably more a general way to
>   specify command line parameters when running configure.
>   Say I have APR compiled but not installed (in a system wide sense),
>   how would I invoke configure for httpd - or apr-util, which is
>   probably the next ring of the chain?  Would I need to set some env
>   variables or pass parameters to make as well?

./configure --prefix=<dest> would install APR into <dest>, we would just 
need a way to tell ./configure where <dest> is in a system independant way.

> Something that you could do more or less immediately - and where I can
> provide some guidance is starting to declare the modules and projects
> we'll need.
> If you look into
> <>, here I
> define a "repository" for APR, simply a directory to base common
> source trees on in the Subversion sense.
> In <> I define a
> <module> (nomenclature is CVS like for historic reasons) which in this
> case only means that I'm talking about the apr/trunk directory inside
> the apr "repository" defined above.
> Inside of that module we have two "projects" which are atomic steps we
> have to perform.  First we run buildconf and then configure.  If the
> first one failed, we won't run the second.
> Those files get hooked into Gump via the "profile"
> <>
> So we'd need an additional module for apr-util and one for httpd (and
> a repository definition to go with it).
> I'll be travelling by the start of next week which means I'll have
> some hacking time in a train but will also be offline most of the
> time.

Will have some more time over this weekend to give this some time, also 
been busy like mad...


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