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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Gump and APR
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 16:57:21 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> You must have missed my first post which said we could already do that
> ;-)

Been playing mail catch up :)

> Starting with the next public Gump run all Gump runs will run
> ./buildconf, ./configure and make on APR.  Until then they stopped
> before invoking make.

Ok cool!

>>>* A way to tell the httpd where to look for APR
>>./configure --prefix=<dest> would install APR into <dest>,
> Ah, OK, makes sense.  I should spend more work on <configure> instead
> of <make> then.

My understanding of make is that you could do this:

<FLAG=blah> make <target> <parameters>

So the ability to "make" needs to:

- allow environment vars to be set before make
- allow zero or more targets
- allow other parameters

Configure would be the same.

>>we would just need a way to tell ./configure where <dest> is in a
>>system independant way.

> Does <dest> need to exist?

No, it will be created if it doesn't exist (access control willing).

> If not, this is rather simple, something like
> <configure>
>   <arg name="prefix" value="dest-@@DATE@@"/>
> </configure>

Thing is autoconf, automake, configure, make, etc are all just scripts, 
it would be nice to have a generic script runner too.

 From the above, maybe something like this could handle the possiblity 
of setting environment variables at the same time:

   <environment name="CFLAGS" value="-g" />
   <arg name="c" value="<blah>" /> <!-- becomes "-c <blah>" -->
   <arg name="prefix" value="<blah>" />  <!-- becomes "--prefix=<blah>"
   <rawarg name="-shared" /> <!-- becomes "-shared" -->

The "rawarg" I added above could handle the case where a script's args 
don't follow the pattern "single letter options are like so: -c; multi 
letter options are like so: --create". The example is gcc's "gcc -shared".

> could be created to install it to a local directory - and the we'd
> have something like
> <> for apr-util's
> <configure> to tell it where to look for APR.


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