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From "Springer, Ian P." <>
Subject RE: [GUMP@brutus]: Project apollo (in module apollo) failed
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2004 15:32:54 GMT
| > > For example, one of our Maven deps has artifactId 
| "axis-wsdl4j", but
| > > the wsdl4j Gump project's jar name is "wsdl4j".
| > 
| > Then I really think your Maven dep is wrong since wsdl4j is not
| > produced by Axis and shouldn't be considered part of Axis IMHO.
| It appears the correct ID is axis:axis-wsdl4j, ie the artifact ID is
| axis-wsdl4j, the group axis. This seems right.
| So is the problem that wsdl4j has declared itself to be something
| different in gump than it did in Maven?

The axis:axis-wsdl4j is a result of how Axis publishes the wsdl4j jar in
the Maven repo (
If it it makes things easier, I could publish the jar in the snapshot
repo ( under wsdl4j:wsdl4j and then
reference that in our Maven descriptors..

Btw, I noticed in Axis' gump descriptor, the wsdl4j jar is specified as

  <ant basedir="java" target="dist">
    <depend name="wsdl4j.jar" project="wsdl4j" id="wsdl4j" /> 

as opposed to:

  <depend project="wsdl4j" />

In case that provides any clue.


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