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From "Graham Leggett" <>
Subject Re: Gump won't run: function: not found
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2005 13:21:21 GMT
Stefan Bodewig said:

> I'm not sure whether we have svn:eol-style native on all files - and
> whether I "corrected" all the Windows line-ends when I tried to clean
> up the files.
> Are you talking about the script named gump at the top of trunk?


> This one does not have CRs and svn:eol-style is native.

I just checked out the gump SVN repo from scratch on the Solaris box, and
the problem remains.

The problem does not happen on the MacOSX machine though - which has an
older version of python on it (v2.3), while the Solaris machine has the
most recent release of python on it (v2.4).

Could it be that python has changed between v2.3 and v2.4 to cause a problem?


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