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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject Gump3 or Gump 2.1
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2005 14:01:11 GMT
I've been pretty flaky these last months; not able to commit the time/effort
I'd enjoy committing. Basically, of the three days a week I can work (the
others I grow with my daughter) I've been working for a start-up that
consumes me. It is fun to build something from scratch, but I need to let
things mature/settle now that the live customers using it. So, maybe (this
attempt) I can eke out a little time.

So, I keep coming back to this ... what Gump can I make increment
improvements on, given that small amount of time. Could I tweak Gump2 to a
Gump 2.1 that is closer to what we want, or is Gump3 really the starting
point. Just 'cos there is a bunch of code in Gump2 doesn't mean Gump3
ougtn't be the primary move, it is just very daunting to start from scratch

I know that a Gump 2.1 could be valuable, it really isn't very far from
where we are to populating the database (as Gump3 wishes to do) and maybe it
is a valuable contribution, for comparing Gump3 to. That said, I can't write
the Cocoon-based DB presentation layer, so w/o some good will/interest from
others that could be a pointless venture.

So, I'm looking to see what other's thoughts are, to see if I could tie in.
Thanks in advance.



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