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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: CLASSPATH logic is failing on me
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2005 22:12:01 GMT
> Looking at
> <>
> I see velocity on the classpath with "Instigator" (something I'll have
> to look up in a dictionary) Anakia.

I chose "Instigator" as in " a person who initiates a course of action ",
meaning which project caused this classpath entry to be added. The
"Contributor" is the project that actually added the CLASSPATH entry, but
the Instigator was intended to help us track down the original cause.  In
effect all it does it track one step back, so theoretically one could walk
back along instigators to the original project who's classpath is beign

[BTW: I once added tables that were "paths" from classpath part A to B, with
reasons, but I blew Python's mind w/ objects & had to pull it. This'd be a
cool feature for adding to a dynamic interface.]

> But struts-taglib doesn't depend on Anakia, so why can Anakia
> contribute anything to struts-taglib?

 Contributor Instigator
    jakarta-cactus-framework-12 struts-taglib
    checkstyle jakarta-cactus-framework-12 checkstyle
    jakarta-regexp checkstyle
    bcel checkstyle
    commons-cli checkstyle
    commons-collections checkstyle
    jdom anakia
    jakarta-velocity anakia
    jakarta-velocity anakia
    avalon-logkit anakia

I see:

    struts-taglib -> jakarta-cactus-framework-12 -> checkstyle -> anakia ->

I hope that helps. Let me know if you see bugs in this logic (I'm too full
of head cold right now to think too much.)


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