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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Gump@ApacheCon Europe?
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2005 14:17:00 GMT
> IMSHO There should be a few presentations about gump at the next
> Deadline for proposals is march 3, a few days from now. I'll be submitting
> some stuff. Have other people done so already?

Not me, but I'd love to see what you come up with. I'm kinda Jonesing for
good a Gump fix these days. :-)

> I'm not quite sure yet whether the second one should be about Gump2 or
> Gump3. I figured I'd decide that the week before the conference :-D

I enjoyed what you started with Gump3, i.e. Pythonic Python not Javathonic
Python, but I just couldn't find the time to invest in the complete re-write
it might take. I wish I could find a way to support you in your goal, whilst
at the same time leverage all that is not wrong with Gump2. I still feel
that the key goal of Gump3 ought be to separate presentation from
processing, via a DB, and I vacilate over wether Gump2 or Gump3 is the
better code base to start with. If I had infinite personal cycles to
contribute I know I'd enjoy a re-write, so maybe the right choice is that
choice, and time be darned. Please do your thinking here as to which you
chose, 'cos I'd like to come along for the ride (assuming I can make time).

> Questions, comments, suggestions?

Gump hacking (by most) at such a macro and community level. I'd love to see
content simply on the people and endeavours that have been brought together
by it's processing on various platforms (JDK1.5, Kaffe, etc.)



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