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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: CLASSPATH logic is failing on me
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2005 19:26:29 GMT
> >> But struts-taglib doesn't depend on Anakia, so why can Anakia
> >> contribute anything to struts-taglib?
> >
> > I see:
> >
> >     struts-taglib -> jakarta-cactus-framework-12 -> checkstyle ->
> >     anakia -> jakarta-velocity...
> OK, but struts-taglib doesn't inherit anything from
> jakarta-cactus-framework-12 so it should not get any CLASSPATH
> contributions from the projects jakarta-cactus-framework-12 depends
> on.  The jars created by jakarta-cactus-framework-12 should be on the
> CLASSPATH, but nothing more than that.

Sadly (since I 'ported' the algorithm from Gump1) I never was 100% straight
on this stuff. I'd kinda hoped that (after these eons) it was well
scrutinized by Gumpmeisters, and hence correct. I guess fat/bloated
CLASSPATHs just are too easy to overlook.

Ok, so please walk me through this...  I see that
jakarta-cactus-framework-12 optionally inherits checkstyle for runtime. I
see that checkstyle depends upon anakia for runtime. As such, I think I'm
seeing that the code is pulling those up/in, and hence a dependency on
jakarta-cactus-framework-12 get's the jars that are inherited into it. Can
you pinpoint the problem with this? Is it that since struts-taglib didn't
ask for cactus' runtime it ought not have gotten these?



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