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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Gump@ApacheCon Europe?
Date Sun, 27 Feb 2005 10:49:15 GMT
Hi gang!

IMSHO There should be a few presentations about gump at the next apachecon.
Deadline for proposals is march 3, a few days from now. I'll be submitting
some stuff. Have other people done so already?

| was thinking along the lines of these two:

    Introduction to Apache Gump

    What it does and how you can get it to work. Kinda hands-on "this is
    what a descriptor looks like". "This is how you handle an error
    message sent to your project.

    Hacking Apache Gump

    How it works internally and how you can add new features to it, looking
    at some example extensions to the model and what it takes to implement

    How to set up your own gump installation.

I'm not quite sure yet whether the second one should be about Gump2 or
Gump3. I figured I'd decide that the week before the conference :-D

Questions, comments, suggestions?


- LSD, learning about GCJX at fosdem :-D

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