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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Windows
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2005 04:32:07 GMT
On 22-03-2005 04:36, "Adam R. B. Jack" <> wrote:
>> You know, we should really investigate using popen...
> The main reason this is all a mess, and I'm not using the nice/simple posix
> functions is I couldn't find a portable (to windows) mechanism to pass
> environment (e.g. CLASSPATH) in a thread safe way. Basically it is the
> windows side of Python that makes this ugly. That and I've tinkered so many
> times that I'm sick of looking at it again! ;-) Let's see how this iteration
> takes, and perhaps I'll get inspired to look at it all w/ a 'fresher' pair
> of eyes.

Ed Korthoff suggested that we implement stuff like this twice, once for
posix, and once using the win32 api, since apparently that's the only way to
those things cleanly. The advantage there is that we can look at how various
portable C programs do it (ie httpd), since the python functionality there
is just a very thin wrapper or glue library to the native functionality.

I dunno. I don't know a whole lot about any of this yet, I'm just relaying
advice ;-)



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