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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: bcel failure
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2006 21:25:34 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> On Fri, 10 Nov 2006, Antoine Levy-Lambert <> wrote:
>> This requires adding in the gump metadata of projects built with ant
>> which are maven dependees the groupId and artifactId of each jar,
>> plus the version that maven wants.
> version*s* since different Maven projects might ask for different
> versions.
> What you describe would either require manually updating all
> descriptors or making Gump smart enough to parse Maven2 POMs.
> In an off-list discussion Steve mentioned an idea to me that may even
> be easier to implement:
> Create a Web Application that understands Maven's remote repository
> layout and point mvn to this webapp as the only available repository
> to use.
> This webapp would then map the artifact id to the corresponding Gump
> jar and serve up the latest artifacts from the current build.  This
> way we "only" need to understand the groupId/artifactId mappings but
> (1) can ignore the version information completely and (2) don't give
> mvn a chance to pull in uncontrolled artifacts at all.

how about following maven1 footsteps: we force maven2 to stay offline
and then we use symlinks in the .m2 repo to point at the gump-generated

superhacky, but it could work and doesn't require webapp


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