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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: bcel failure
Date Sun, 12 Nov 2006 23:35:49 GMT
Antoine Levy-Lambert wrote:
> Hello Bill,
> I did not look at your code.
> I was thinking that gump could do the following :
> suppose that you have a project, which depends on the artifact bar.jar, version
2.0, of project bar.
> If bar is being built with ant in gump, we would need to copy bar.jar to the location
under $HOME/.m2/repository where maven would expect it, I suppose that is $HOME/.m2/repository/bar/bar/2.0/bar.jar.
> This requires adding in the gump metadata of projects built with ant which are maven
dependees the groupId and artifactId of each jar, plus the version that maven wants.
> I know this is just one aspect of the problem, but maybe this simple idea can help.
> The other aspect is to deliver dependencies built with maven. For instance if
depends upon But wants version 1.0 and we are building in gump version 2.0-SNAPSHOT. In this case copying the 2.0-SNAPSHOT to 1.0 under $HOME/.m2/repository/
could work ?
> It is better if we can find this kind of solution rather than ask maven to change their
code to support gumps needs. Because then we can be operational faster. (Maybe you will think
that I am a big hacker ?)
> Regards,
> Antoine

The alternative story is to
-purge the local maven repo cache every nightly build
-have a proxy server just for maven builds that returns the artifact we 
want to get used, not the gump one.

There's a risk here, and its if other tools run on gump that construct 
their own get calls against the repo, like Ivy when it comes up, which 
will take the proxy settings of Ant. Or anything that knows the checksum 
of the file it is expecting, only to discover that what it gets does not 
match. I'd particularly worry about bouncy castle, as any nightly 
artifacts wouldnt be signed, so the java crypto API will not trust them. 
But then they aren't on gump for that reason.


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