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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Ivy in Gump
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2006 14:18:04 GMT

as I add Ivyness to my code, I need a current version of Ivy on the 
system. Presumably once the SVN migrate is complete, we can have 
SVN_HEAD up and running.

There is an ivy project, but it is defined by ant contrib

   <project name="ivy">
     <jar name="lib/ivy/jars/ivy-1.3.1.jar"/>

For this week, I'm defining a private smartfrog Ivy distro that looks 
the same, only more current, for my own projects to use.

   <project name="smartfrog-private-ivy">
     <jar name="antbuild/ivy/lib/ivy-1.4.1.jar"/>

Once Ivy is ready, we will be able to add real descriptors and take this 
away -and presumably the one in ant contrib. The transition from 1.3.1 
to SVN_HEAD may break things, especially if tasks or the antlib URI move.

Ivy won't do any classpath setup under gump, but the publishing can be 
used for sharing other artifacts. I don't know if there are any race 
conditions in things like <buildnumber>or other bits of repository 
setup; we shall have to see. And yes, have to consider isolating the 
various gump runs that all go on in the same VM.


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