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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <>
Subject Re: [gump] Gump running on Harmony!!
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2006 12:08:37 GMT

Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Nov 2006, Stefano Mazzocchi <> wrote:
>> Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>>> Stefano, you later mention ecj.  Ant could probably benefit from a
>>> compiler adapter to it so you could set a property in Gump's
>>> workspace and have ant use that on all projects.
>>> The environment variable JAVAC should work for as
>>> well, as long as ecj is command line compatible to javac.
>> Not sure what action you are suggesting me to do :-)
> Not sure whether I know myself.
> The eclipse compiler does have an Ant adapter, at least it used to
> have, somewhere in the eclipse repo.  If you wanted to use that in
> Gump you had to make sure the adapter was on the CLASSPATH and you'd
> need to set the build.compiler property on every Ant run in Gump (can
> be done at the workspace level).

We use ECJ all the time from our ant scripts - there's no need for 
anything special for ant, IIRC - just drop the ecj.jar into the ant/lib 
and set it as the compiler.  I can forward an example if need be.

> I'm not familiar enough with the javac options of Harmony to know what
> the best approach is.  Is ecj Harmony's compiler of choice?  If so my
> suggestion is to set the JAVAC environment variable for bootstrap-ant
> to point to it and to locate the compiler adapter and use it.

Our javac (like all of our tools) is a binary executable launcher that 
invokes our VM that uses ecj, which I don't think solves your...  wait - 
gump is python right?

> I don't think this would affect the Maven builds, though.
> Stefan
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