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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject SCM code changes status
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2009 05:23:38 GMT
Hi all,

apart from some string constants that I want to extract (need to look
up Python's idiom for constants) I'm now ready to move ahead - see the
differences between svn revisions 741390 and 744799.

I'll watch the next helios build and then try to merge trunk to live
if it looks OK (I removed the directory sync feature by accident, so I
better take a closer look).

My tests for svn, CVS and git all work fine locally, I can't test
Perforce.  If anybody uses Gump with p4 (I doubt so), please give
trunk a try and talk about your results.

Getting GIT installed is more complicated than I thought since I don't
manage to compile it fom sources (not on helios, not on vmgump and not
on any of my own machines running Intrepid, Hardy or OpenSUSE), so
I'll try a few things with binaries.

My changes to the SCM update code should enable new features more

In particular I want to make the updaters check whether an existing
working copy is in fact a working copy for the configured URL - and
blow it away if it isn't.  This way if anybody changes the repository
for a module we wouldn't need to remove the old working copy manually
anymore.  I'll probably give this a try before adding support for
darcs, hg and bzr.

The idea is to look into working-copy/CVS/Root and Repository,
working-copy/.svn/entries and working-copy/.git/config respectively -
if anybody knows how to do the same for P4, I'll intergrate that as


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