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Subject [jira] Subscription: open gump issues
Date Mon, 11 Jan 2010 02:00:54 GMT
Issue Subscription
Filter: open gump issues (34 issues)
Key         Summary
GUMP-159    The site needs a big review.
GUMP-158    Manage API changes in dependencies better
GUMP-155    Gump complains that the HiveMind build failed, when it does not
GUMP-153    Gump Metadata: links no longer work
GUMP-152    Made some updates on the Gump3 Presentation
GUMP-151    path separator and depend = maven bugs
GUMP-150    Webapplication to present the data generated by Gump3
GUMP-149    allow gump to bootstrap maven
GUMP-148    Clean up entire codebase and add documentation
GUMP-147    Complain if a project does not provide all the outputs it states
GUMP-145    Apache HTTPD config snippet for Dynagump
GUMP-144    Design and document sensible URL scheme for gump data
GUMP-143    Create init script for Dynagump
GUMP-142    Add some documentation on how to add functionality to Dynagump
GUMP-141    Automate navigation generation for Dynagump
GUMP-140    Gump crashes when listing
GUMP-134    Restore Kaffe and JDK1.5 (and Test) workspaces.
GUMP-131    Build fails with "build timed out"
GUMP-128    Support federation of gump instances
GUMP-127    Support for local plugins
GUMP-126    Simple scheduling support using a "gump run queue"
GUMP-125    Flexible way to configure gump in modern unix-like fashion
GUMP-116    Promote using html in <description/> fields
GUMP-115    Make gump result pages link to LXR-generated content
GUMP-114    Run LXR and/or javasrc on brutus
GUMP-113    Set up dynagump installation and proxypass from main gump site
GUMP-112    Document 0.5 version of the Gump Object Model
GUMP-89     support <junitreport
GUMP-72     Requirement for multiple license file declarations.
GUMP-62     Module docs needs to point to fully qualified viewcvs
GUMP-40     non-committers can modify (some) descriptors
GUMP-36     Generate source diff report on build failure
GUMP-30     put installed packages under version control
GUMP-29     new user howto

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