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Subject BATCH: All dressed up, with nowhere to go...
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2010 02:13:17 GMT
Dear Gumpmeisters,
The following 1 notifys should have been sent

*********************************************************** G U M P
[GUMP@vmgump]: Project apr-util-configure (in module apr-util) failed
*********************************************************** G U M P
[GUMP@vmgump]: Project apr-util-configure (in module apr-util) failed
To whom it may engage...
This is an automated request, but not an unsolicited one. For 
more information please visit, 
and/or contact the folk at

Project apr-util-configure has an issue affecting its community integration.
This issue affects 16 projects.
The current state of this project is 'Failed', with reason 'Build Failed'.
For reference only, the following projects are affected by this:
    - apache-httpd-buildconf :  Apache HTTP Server
    - apache-httpd-configure :  Apache HTTP Server
    - apache-httpd-make :  Apache HTTP Server
    - apache-httpd-make-install :  Apache HTTP Server
    - apr-util-configure :  Apache Portable Runtime Util - now part of APR itself, this ...
    - apr-util-make :  Apache Portable Runtime Util - now part of APR itself, this ...
    - apr-util-make-install :  Apache Portable Runtime Util - now part of APR itself, this
    - jakarta-tomcat-jk-native :  Connectors to various web servers
    - jakarta-tomcat-jk-native-buildconf :  Connectors to various web servers
    - jakarta-tomcat-jk-native-configure :  Connectors to various web servers
    - logging-log4cxx-ant :  Apache log4cxx
    - logging-log4cxx-ant-no_wchar_t :  Apache log4cxx
    - logging-log4cxx-ant-static :  Apache log4cxx
    - logging-log4cxx-configure :  Apache log4cxx
    - logging-log4cxx-make :  Apache log4cxx
    - logging-log4cxx-make-install :  Apache log4cxx

Full details are available at:

That said, some information snippets are provided here.

The following annotations (debug/informational/warning/error messages) were provided:
 -INFO- Failed with reason build failed

The following work was performed:
Work Name: buildscript_apr-util_apr-util-configure (Type: Build)
Work ended in a state of : Failed
Elapsed: 4 secs
Command Line: /srv/gump/public/workspace/apr-util/configure --with-apr=/srv/gump/public/workspace/apr/dest-10032010
[Working Directory: /srv/gump/public/workspace/apr-util]
checking build system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu
checking host system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu
checking target system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu
checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c
checking for working mkdir -p... yes
APR-util Version: 1.5.0
checking for chosen layout... apr-util
checking for gcc... ccache gcc
checking for C compiler default output file name... a.out
checking whether the C compiler works... yes
checking whether we are cross compiling... no
checking for suffix of executables... 
checking for suffix of object files... o
checking whether we are using the GNU C compiler... yes
checking whether ccache gcc accepts -g... yes
checking for ccache gcc option to accept ISO C89... none needed
Applying apr-util hints file rules for i686-pc-linux-gnu
checking for APR... configure: error: the --with-apr parameter is incorrect. It must specify
an install prefix, a build directory, or an apr-config file.

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