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From Chris Riccomini <criccom...@linkedin.com>
Subject ApplicationMaster appId/appAttemptId/clusterTimestamp
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2011 21:26:28 GMT
Hey Guys,

Sorry to bug again, but I think it's best to get this stuff into the mail archives.

I want to confirm that I'm starting my ApplicationMaster in the "proper" way.

Right now, my client is setCommand'ing this:

"java -cp './package/*' kafka.yarn.ApplicationMaster " + streamerClass + " " + tasks + " "
        + "1>" + ApplicationConstants.LOG_DIR_EXPANSION_VAR + "/stdout "
        + "2>" + ApplicationConstants.LOG_DIR_EXPANSION_VAR + "/stderr"

It seems to me that my ApplicationMaster needs an appId, appAttemptId, and clusterTimestamp
in order to register with the ResourceManager. The only way that I see to do this is to pass
it (via the client) as the first three params to my kafka.yarn.ApplicationMaster. I recall
Arun mentioning that not all of this is required, but it seems to me (based on the API) that
it is.

Should I be putting the three RM params after the kafka.yarn.ApplicationMaster param in my

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