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From Arpit Agarwal <aagar...@hortonworks.com>
Subject Re: A 2.7.1 release to follow up 2.7.0
Date Thu, 09 Apr 2015 19:23:13 GMT
+1 for 2.7.1 and +1 for promoting it to 'stable', assuming it includes no new features or gratuitous


On 4/9/15, 11:48 AM, "Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli" <vinodkv@apache.org> wrote:

>Hi all,
>I feel like we haven't done a great job of maintaining the previous 2.x
>releases. Seeing as how long 2.7.0 release has taken, I am sure we will
>spend more time stabilizing it, fixing issues etc.
>I propose that we immediately follow up 2.7.0 with a 2.7.1 within 2-3
>weeks. The focus obviously is to have blocker issues, bug-fixes and *no*
>features. Improvements are going to be slightly hard to reason about, but I
>propose limiting ourselves to very small improvements, if at all.
>The other area of concern with the previous releases had been
>compatibility. With help from Li Lu, I got jdiff reinstated in branch-2
>(though patches are not yet in), and did a pass. In the unavoidable event
>that we find incompatibilities with 2.7.0, we can fix those in 2.7.1 and
>promote that to be the stable release.
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