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From Bikas Saha <bi...@hortonworks.com>
Subject Re: Specifying the host name to launch the Application Master
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2012 05:06:32 GMT
Hi Vinayak, 

If you are looking at debugging the AM(AppMaster) then have you tried
using the UnmanagedAMLauncher?
This is one of the scenarios for the unmanaged AM which is an AM that is
not managed by the RM. The launcher negotiates an application attempt from
the RM and then launches the AM. After that the AM can proceed "as
normal". So you can run your exact AM code that you would normally run on
the cluster. And get local stdout, logs and/or attach a debugger to it.

The machine on which the AM runs needs to be able to talk to the cluster.
The UnmanagedAMLauncher expects a command line that will launch the AM. If
any resources are needed in the distributed cache (e.g. user code jars)
then they need to be uploaded by the user before launching the AM.
Currently there is an unrelated bug in the NodeManager which requires
every job to have at least 1 resource in the dist cache.

You can see the command line option on the unmanagedAMLauncher for more

Let me know if you have any questions/issues.

On 11/19/12 12:11 PM, "Vinayak Borkar" <vborky@yahoo.com> wrote:

>I am in the process of writing an application to work with Yarn. In my
>application, I would like to have the Application Master be launched on
>a particular host (at least while testing). However, the
>ContainerLaunchContext interface only accepts a Resource that can
>specify the amount of memory needed for the container. I do not see an
>interface like the ResourceRequest that allows the specification of a
>host name to launch the container.
>Is there a way to get the Application Master to run on a specific host?

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