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From "wang" <wwl...@126.com>
Subject 答复: in security mode, one MR job visit two user's data
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2013 02:31:50 GMT
Thank your 's response~
In hive, user can directly execute load path command, if the dir is
accessible by two user, then, one user can directly load another user's data
into his table. Also. User can execute dfs command directly through
hiveserver. so the user's data in hdfs is better be 700. 

Whether it is possible I customize the TokenSelector? what i want is at job
client , I got all user's delegation token, and in map task, it can choose
the correct user's token according the pat it accessed.

I am not sure whether I can achieve this or how much effort it required. I
still think of this, welcome the guide from yours.

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发送时间: 2013年2月10日 0:21
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主题: Re: in security mode, one MR job visit two user's data

How about leveraging filesystem permissions so the user has access to both

On Feb 9, 2013, at 1:54 AM, "wang" <wwli05@126.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> In security mode, Is it possible in one mr job visit two user's data 
> in hdfs? Means: there are two maps in one job, one map read user1's 
> data, another read user2's data.  As I know, before submit job, 
> jobclient get the delegation token for MR task, but in class 
> credentials, the tokenmap can only take one token for one type of 
> service. If I get user2's token, and add to credentials, the user1's token
will be overwrite.
> Anyone met the same situation or someone can give some suggestions? 
> The background is in hive, one sql maybe visit different user's data. Tks.
> Regards
> wwli

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