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From Priyank rastogi <priyank.rast...@huawei.com>
Subject capacity-scheduler behavior
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2013 04:24:40 GMT

We are running a few tests with Hadoop-2.1.0/Capacity-Scheduler/preemption-enabled. The test
scenario and expected behavior is as below.

 +-- DEPT_X  / 50%
 +-- DEPT_Y  / 50%
     +-- TEAM_Y1  / 50%
     +-- TEAM_Y2  / 50%

<<Test Scenario>>
(1) Submit JOB_X to DEPT_X (it fully utilizes the cluster)
(2) Submit JOB_Y to TEAM_Y1 (same as JOB_X)

<<Expected behavior>>
(1) JOB_X tasks are expected to fully utilize the cluster,
(2) Once JOB_Y is submitted, JOB_Y tasks are expected to utilize the capacity allocated to
DEPT_Y (i.e. TEAM_Y1 queue expected running at 200% capacity)
    -> i.e. any unused capacity in DEPT_Y should be allocated to task submitted to its
sub-queues first (TEAM_Y1 or TEAM_Y2), and only thereafter to job submitted to DEPT_X queue.

The initial results are not as per this expectation, so first we want to confirm if the behavior
we expect is correct.

Priyank Rastogi

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