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From Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli <vino...@hortonworks.com>
Subject Re: 2.7 status
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2015 03:33:59 GMT
Seems like there is already some action on the JIRA. Can you please ping the previous reviewers
on JIRA to make progress?


On Mar 1, 2015, at 12:45 PM, Yongjun Zhang <yzhang@cloudera.com<mailto:yzhang@cloudera.com>>


Thanks for working on 2.7 release.

Currently the fallback from KerberosAuthenticator to PseudoAuthenticator  is enabled by default
in a hardcoded way. HAOOP-10895 changes the default and requires applications (such as oozie)
to set a config property or call an API to enable the fallback.

This jira has been reviewed, and "almost" ready to get in. However, there is a concern that
we have to change the relevant applications. Please see my comment here:


Any of your comments will be highly appreciated. This jira was postponed from 2.6. I think
it should be no problem to skip 2.7. But your comments would help us to decide what to do
with this jira for future releases.



On Sun, Mar 1, 2015 at 11:58 AM, Arun Murthy <acm@hortonworks.com<mailto:acm@hortonworks.com>>
Sounds good, thanks for the help Vinod!


From: Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli
Sent: Sunday, March 01, 2015 11:43 AM
To: Hadoop Common; Jason Lowe; Arun Murthy
Subject: Re: 2.7 status

Agreed. How about we roll an RC end of this week? As a Java 7+ release with features, patches
that already got in?

Here's a filter tracking blocker tickets - https://issues.apache.org/jira/issues/?filter=12330598.
Nine open now.

Arun, I'd like to help get 2.7 out without further delay. Do you mind me taking over release

From: Jason Lowe <jlowe@yahoo-inc.com.INVALID<mailto:jlowe@yahoo-inc.com.INVALID>>
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2015 8:11 AM
To: common-dev@hadoop.apache.org<mailto:common-dev@hadoop.apache.org>
Subject: Re: 2.7 status

I'd like to see a 2.7 release sooner than later.  It has been almost 3 months since Hadoop
2.6 was released, and there have already been 634 JIRAs committed to 2.7.  That's a lot of
changes waiting for an official release.

      From: Sangjin Lee <sjlee@apache.org<mailto:sjlee@apache.org>>
 To: "common-dev@hadoop.apache.org<mailto:common-dev@hadoop.apache.org>" <common-dev@hadoop.apache.org<mailto:common-dev@hadoop.apache.org>>
 Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 1:30 PM
 Subject: 2.7 status


What is the current status of the 2.7 release? I know initially it started
out as a "java-7" only release, but looking at the JIRAs that is very much
not the case.

Do we have a certain timeframe for 2.7 or is it time to discuss it?


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